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logo Texas Tea Slot (IGT (WagerWorks))

Texas Tea Slot (IGT (WagerWorks)) (2024)


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Key information

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Slot Details

  • Bet Lines9
  • Reels5
  • Max Bet Per Line5
  • Min Bet Per Line1
  • Max Coin Value50
  • Min Coin Value0.01
  • Jackpot10000
  • Return To Player97.35%
  • Progressive JackpotNo
  • Wild IconNo
  • Scatter IconYes
  • Auto Play FeatureNo
  • Win MultiplierNo
  • Free SpinsNo

First Impressions

I recently spent some time playing the Texas Tea slot online and felt that it deserved a closer look. It’s a game that takes inspiration from the oil fields of Texas, which is a pretty unique theme for an online slot. As someone who often tries out different slots, the two bonus games caught my attention because they’re a bit different from what you usually find. The game doesn’t come with the wild symbols or free spins we see a lot, but it still keeps things interesting.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Texas Tea slot game is easy to play, with a basic setup of 5 reels and 9 paylines. When betting, players can choose how many coins to bet on each line, from 1 to 5, and how much each coin is worth, from 1 cent to 50 dollars. This lets players control their bets to fit their budget and playing style.

  • Minimum coins per line: 1
  • Maximum coins per line: 5
  • Coin size range: $0.01 to $50

The game doesn’t have common features like Wild symbols or Free Spins, but it has two special Scatter symbols that help players win more. These Scatters not only unlock special game features but they also increase how much you can win when they show up on the reels. Unlike other slot games where bonus symbols just start bonus rounds, the Scatters in Texas Tea can also give you wins directly.

Texas Tea slot doesn’t have some common features like a big jackpot that grows with each bet or prize multipliers, and that might put off some players. But it does pay out small wins often because it’s a low-risk game. This means players can keep playing for longer, which is good if they need to bet a certain amount or just want to enjoy a long gaming session. With a high payback percentage of 97.35%, players are likely to get most of their money back over time, something many look for in online slot games.

Bonus Features

The Texas Tea Slot has two exciting bonus games that offer good chances to win more money. You activate the first game, the Oil Dividend Bonus, by getting three or more Texas Ted symbols. This game gives you a cash prize that gets bigger the more Texas Ted symbols you have. It makes the game more exciting and can increase your money a lot if you win.

  • Three Texas Ted scatters offer multipliers between 3x and 25x
  • Four scatters increase this to a range between 8x and 50x
  • Five scatters can reward an impressive 20x to 100x multiplier

If you get three or more Oil Derrick icons in the game, you unlock the Big Oil Derrick Bonus. In this part of the game, you choose areas on a map of Texas to place oil derricks. Each chosen area gives you oil, which turns into game credits that add up to your bonus winnings. Even though the game doesn’t have the free spins that many other games have, the bonus features it does offer are still very exciting.

The bonus games in this slot machine are different from what’s typical and focus on the theme of wealthy oil barons in Texas. They add to the game’s oil tycoon theme and give players the chance to win a lot of money. The game doesn’t have the usual wild symbols or free spins, but the unique and big bonus games make it an enjoyable game for online slot players to try.

Graphics & Sounds

The Texas Tea slot game looks cheerful with its simple, cartoon-style graphics that show different aspects of life in Texas. On the screen, you’ll see easy-to-recognize pictures like the Texas Tea logo, a large cow with horns, a fancy car, an armadillo, and colorful flowers, all representing the wealth from oil in Texas. The playing area is set against a big, green field with tall oil towers that help players feel like they are in Texas.

  • The screen layout resembles a big movie screen with animated towers on either side.
  • Symbols are sharply drawn, contributing to the overall enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Colorful and thematic visuals bring high-quality entertainment that’s typical for online slots.

The Texas Tea slot game features a soundtrack that matches the Texas setting and sound effects that fit the theme of oil drilling, such as noises from turning reels and starting bonus games. The sound enhances the game but isn’t too loud or distracting, which is good for players who want a sound that’s not too intense.

Some players might miss the advanced 3D graphics and detailed animations seen in many new online slots when they play Texas Tea. On the other hand, its simple design makes for a clear and easy-to-use interface. This straightforward look is something many players like because it makes the game easier to play. The graphics and sounds in Texas Tea still make it an enjoyable and attractive game to play online.

Player Verdict

The Texas Tea slot game is popular because it has special bonus rounds and two Scatter symbols that start different bonus features. The game doesn’t have Wild symbols or Free Spins, which might disappoint some players, but the bonus rounds can multiply winnings a lot. This game is good for players who prefer games with big bonus wins over games that give small wins often.

  • Regular activation of bonus features
  • Oil Derrick and Oil Dividend bonuses offer chance for higher payouts
  • Lower volatility making it a good choice for fulfilling wagering requirements

Most players enjoy playing Texas Tea because they often get small but frequent wins which keep them from losing money quickly. Since the game often gives out rewards, it’s good for people who like playing for a long time or need to bet a lot of money to meet game requirements. These regular payouts let players stay in the game longer without big losses.

If you enjoy slot games and are interested in one that’s different and focuses on extra features, Texas Tea is a good choice. It’s not for players who want very unpredictable games, but it’s great if you like a more relaxed style of play that gives you a feel of what it’s like to be a rich oil owner in Texas. If you’re curious about a slot game that doesn’t just offer free spins and has a unique oil industry theme, you should try Texas Tea.

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