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Funrize Casino Review (2024)


Very Good

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Pros / Cons

  • Free-to-play options
  • Mobile app available
  • Large game selection
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited withdrawal options

Bonus Details

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Key information

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First Impressions

I recently spent time exploring Funrize Casino, an online platform that caught my attention with its promise of casino fun without the usual cash stakes. In my experience with online casinos, I’ve seen a mix of styles and approaches, and Funrize offers a unique take on this virtual pastime. It feels fresh, with its free-to-play model, and I was curious to see how it stacks up in terms of games, bonuses, and overall user experience.

Bonuses and Promotions

Funrize Casino has many bonuses and promotions for online casino game fans. When you sign up, you can get as many as 125,000 Free Coins or choose an even bigger bonus with up to 250,000 Coins and 500 Entries. These bonuses let you play for longer without worrying about spending real money.

  • Sign-up bonuses give newcomers a hearty welcome.
  • Daily and weekly promotions add continuous excitement.
  • Special events and tournaments enhance the competitive spirit.

The bonuses are not only tempting but also easy to use. The rules for promotions are straightforward so players can enjoy their games without getting confused by complicated terms. Importantly, these bonuses are tied to the game only, in the form of virtual currency and game entries, not actual money.

The casino is good but could improve by offering different kinds of bonuses to appeal to more players. Some people want better and varied deals. Funrize Casino should consider adding more rewards that acknowledge regular players and those who play a lot. Even though there’s room for improvement, the casino is popular in online gaming, and its bonuses are a big reason people choose to play there.


At Funrize Casino, the array of games caters to diverse preferences, mainly focusing on slot enthusiasts. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Slot games encompass various themes and mechanics.
  • Information about each game’s features and volatility is easily accessible.
  • Ability to mark favorites for quick access in future sessions.

The games mirror what you would find in a real money online casino, but here, it’s all about the fun aspect. Slots are at the forefront, showcasing a mix of classic and modern designs. Each game’s details, such as maximum win potential and bonus features, are clearly provided, ensuring players know exactly what to expect before they spin the reels.

The website mainly offers slot games and doesn’t have table games or live dealers, which some players might miss. But you can add games to a ‘Favorites’ list which makes it easy to find and play your preferred games again.

Funrize Casino gives out cash prizes, but you don’t bet with real money, so it’s not as stressful or risky as regular gambling. It’s a relaxed place to play games like in a casino, but without much worry. People who like to win will still enjoy it because you can still get prizes while playing the games.


To start playing at Funrize Casino, just sign up. It’s easy to do, perfect for those who haven’t tried online casinos before. Follow the simple steps on their website to create an account.

  • Visiting the Funrize Casino website or mobile app
  • Filling out the registration form with your details
  • Verifying your email to complete the sign-up process

As soon as you sign up, you can start using both the Tournament and Promotional gaming options. In the Tournament option, you play using special coins called Tournament Coins. The Promotional option lets you play with Promo Coins, which you can’t buy; you only get them as rewards or from certain activities.

Funrize Casino makes it easy to play games on your computer or phone’s browser. You can also download their app for Android or iOS if you’re often out and about. Creating an account is quick, but you might need to update your contact details later for better customer service. After that, you can enjoy all the casino has to offer.

Funrize online casino offers an easy sign-up process that quickly lets you access a wide range of games. You should manage your personal information carefully when you register, like you would on any similar platform.

Player experience

At Funrize Casino, signing up is easy. As soon as a new user sets up a free play account, they can start playing different games in Tournament or Promotional play. Here are the details:

  • Effortless account creation
  • Access to Tournament Mode with virtual currency
  • Eligibility for Promotional Mode without purchase

I found it unusual that you need Tournament Coins to enter game contests instead of using real money like in online casinos. But it’s still exciting to have the chance to win prizes without betting actual cash. You can play with these coins without worrying about losing money, which makes the games fun.

The desktop and mobile interface is easy to use, and the games load quickly. The casino doesn’t allow betting with real money but playing the games is still exciting. You can use the Favourites feature to get back to the games you like most without wasting time.

The casino doesn’t have an FAQ section, which means players might have to wait a bit longer as they reach out to customer support. But the live chat is available all the time, so help is always there when you need it. Even though Funrize Casino is still growing, it’s becoming popular for its sweepstakes and social games.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

At Funrize Casino, deposit and withdrawal options cater to a variety of preferences. When you’re ready to play in Tournament Mode, the casino accepts several types of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For those who prefer direct bank methods, Trustly and Online Banking are also available. However, it’s important to note that these methods are for purchasing Tournament Coins, as real money gambling isn’t involved here.

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Trustly
  • Online Banking

Funrize Casino is different because you don’t play with real money. You can only withdraw cash prizes that you win in Promotional Mode. You can get these prizes through your card or a Bank Wire Transfer. Getting your money to your card is very fast—it takes less than a day. But, a Bank Transfer could take from 4 to 9 days. They don’t tell you if there’s a maximum or minimum amount you can take out, which could be good or bad.

Funrize Casino doesn’t have eWallet or check payment options, which might be inconvenient for some players. Yet, its simple system could be appealing because it makes online banking easier. Funrize Casino focuses on making transactions easy and keeping the gaming fun without the trouble of dealing with many payment methods.

Security and Fairness

Funrize Casino focuses on keeping games fair and maintaining strong security. Several clear factors highlight this commitment.

  • The platform uses SSL encryption technology to protect user data and transactions.
  • Random Number Generators (RNGs) are employed to ensure game outcomes are fair and truly random.
  • A1 Development LLC, the parent company, is known for operating within the legal frameworks of online gaming.

When you do transactions on our website, we protect your private and payment information using methods that meet standard security rules. Even though you don’t play with real money, we take your safety seriously. Our online casino games are fair because we use Random Number Generators, which ensure that the game outcomes are random and not fixed.

Funrize Casino is not like a regular casino with an official gambling license; it’s a social casino where you can’t bet real money. It doesn’t offer the same rules and safety measures as a licensed casino, but because the company that owns it has a good reputation, people tend to trust how it works.

Funrize, a recent online casino started in 2022, knows players worry about game fairness. To tackle this, they use tested software that guarantees fair play. They have already made efforts to keep games secure and fair, meeting what their users expect. As Funrize grows, they might get more checks and approvals to make sure players can trust the games they play.


Funrize Casino uses software mostly from NetGame, a well-known company that offers many high-quality games. The software has noticeable advantages.

  • Smooth gameplay across devices
  • User-friendly interface
  • Crisp graphics and immersive sound

At Funrize Casino, players will have a smooth experience playing games on both the desktop and mobile app. The software loads games quickly and runs smoothly, which is important for online casino gameplay. Although NetGame isn’t as big as other companies in the field, it still provides exciting and new games for players.

One downside is that the game selection isn’t as big as what you’d find in casinos with games from many different providers. Some players might find less variety. But if you like NetGame’s specific kind of games, this shouldn’t be a big problem for you.

The software at Funrize Casino makes it easy for players to find and play games they like. Users can quickly sort through a lot of games to pick their favorites without trouble. This shows that Funrize Casino cares a lot about making sure players have a good time and can easily use their online platform.

Mobile compatability

Funrize Casino makes it easy for players to enjoy games on their mobile devices. The casino’s website works on many different phones and tablets, so players can play their favorite games wherever they go. It has features like:

  • Instant Play – No need to download software; play directly in your mobile browser.
  • Mobile App – Dedicated apps for Android and iPhone users.
  • User-friendly Interface – Optimized for touchscreens with smooth navigation.

Using a mobile browser to play games works well and has the same features as using a computer. You can quickly sign up and start playing with a few clicks. Even though the smaller screen makes things look a bit tighter, it doesn’t make the games less fun or harder to use.

You can easily download the Funrize Casino app on both Android and iPhone. The app keeps you updated with alerts about new games, coins, or contests. Most users like the app, although some experience occasional problems like slowness or errors. These issues are not common, though.

Funrize Casino has upgraded to the latest mobile technology, ensuring it works well on both computers and mobile devices. This dedication to making the casino available on different devices means that players can have a good experience overall, even though there are a few small issues. Players can now enjoy their games on the go, without needing to use a desktop.

Customer support

Funrize Casino offers customer support through a few direct ways, making it easy for players to get help quickly. You can reach the support team primarily by:

  • Live Chat: Available 24/7, providing immediate responses to queries.
  • Support Email: An alternative for non-urgent issues at [email protected].

Before using the live chat, players must update their contact details so the support team can help them better. There’s no FAQ page, but the live chat makes up for it by quickly answering any questions or solving problems you might have at the casino.

Email might not be as fast as live chat, but it’s good for complicated problems or when you need to send files to explain what’s wrong. You’ll usually get an email answer quickly, but if you need help right away, live chat is better.

Funrize Casino knows how important it is to have good customer support, so they make it easy for players to get help when they need it. Some people might miss having a self-exclusion register to help them control their play, but since Funrize is a free-to-play casino, it doesn’t focus much on strict gambling rules. This is why they don’t have that option. Their customer support is set up to make sure players have a smooth and fun time playing games.


It’s important to make sure online casinos like Funrize Casino meet all the rules for safety and legality. Funrize Casino is run by A1 Development LLC, a company that uses the sweepstakes model. But, the website does not clearly mention which license the company has or where it is regulated.

Sweepstakes casinos like Funrize Casino are different from regular online casinos because they don’t have real money games, so they may not need the same gambling license. However, for players who want to be sure they’re safe, not having clear license information might be a problem.

  • Operated by A1 Development LLC
  • Follows the sweepstakes model
  • Unclear licensing authority information

Despite this, the company maintains a positive reputation concerning the legal and ethical aspects of its operations, ensuring that the games on the platform are accessible in a manner consistent with sweepstakes law. It is advisable for players to acknowledge these facets and exercise due diligence by perusing the platform’s terms and conditions. If the need arises, players can reach out to the customer support team provided by the casino to inquire about their compliance and regulatory adherence. This allows for an informed gaming experience, even in the absence of prominently displayed licensing credentials.


In wrapping up this review, it’s clear that Funrize Casino stands as a noteworthy contender in the realm of online casinos, particularly for those who favor a free-to-play format. The casino has several key attributes:

  • Tournament and Promotional Modes enhance gaming variety
  • Accessible through both desktop and mobile platforms
  • Potential to win cash prizes without real money betting

Funrize Casino started in 2022 and is quite new, but it quickly met what players want by offering an easy-to-play selection of games and sweepstakes contests. They have lots of games, which keeps players coming back to try something new. Funrize also lets people play in different ways to suit what different players like.

However, Funrize could improve by offering better bonuses and promotions, which many players look forward to. Also, the absence of an FAQ page makes it harder for players to quickly find answers to simple questions.

Funrize Casino is popular for those who like to play casino games for fun instead of betting real money. This casino is a good place for relaxed gaming and you can still win real prizes. You can play on different devices and they have customer service all the time. These good points could help Funrize Casino get even better in the future.

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