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Easter Frog (Amusnet) (2024)



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Key information

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Slot Details

  • Bet Lines20
  • Return To Player96.03%RTP Ranges!
  • Progressive JackpotYes
  • Wild IconYes
  • Scatter IconYes
  • Auto Play FeatureNo
  • Win MultiplierYes
  • Free SpinsNo

First Impressions

“Easter Frog” by Amusnet is a lively online slot game where players can win big with its various features. It includes progressive jackpots and expanding wilds that add to the excitement. The bright and colorful design, along with enjoyable gameplay, makes it a great choice for both casual and serious players.

Game Features

The main attraction of the “Easter Frog” slot by Amusnet is its fun game features. Here are the important parts you should know about:

  • Paylines: 20 fixed paylines ensure multiple ways to win.
  • Progressive Jackpot: Enjoy the thrill of a progressive jackpot that can be won at random.
  • Wild Symbol: The Expanding Wild symbol can cover entire reels and boost your chances of winning.
  • Scatter Symbol: Scatter symbols lead to surprise payouts, adding excitement to each spin.
  • Multiplier: The game features an increasing multiplier with Toppling Reels, raising your wins.

A key feature of the game is the Expanding Wild. When this symbol shows up, it covers the reels and increases your chances of winning. Additionally, the Scatter Symbols give surprise payouts, making the game more exciting.

The game has a feature called Toppling Reels, where winning symbols vanish and new ones take their place. Each win in this feature increases the Multiplier. Although there are no bonus games or free spins, the existing features still provide plenty of excitement and chances to win.

”Easter Frog” has 20 paylines, a progressive jackpot, and many rewarding symbols. It features Expanding Wilds, Scatter Symbols, and an increasing multiplier that make it fun and rewarding. For a festive and profitable online casino game, “Easter Frog” by Amusnet is a great choice.

Visual Design

Visual Design

Easter Frog by Amusnet has bright and fun visuals that make the slot game enjoyable. The game’s graphics match the Easter theme well. Here are some standout elements:

  • Easter Theme - The visuals are filled with Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers.
  • Toppling Reels - Dynamic animations make each spin visually engaging.
  • Expanding Wild - The expanding wild symbol adds a layer of excitement to the design.

The game’s background looks like an Easter Wonderland with green plants and a blue sky. The symbols are well-drawn and detailed, enhancing the game’s look. Music and sound effects go well with the visuals, making the game feel immersive.

The design is attractive, but some players might think the visuals are too bright or too festive. If you like a calmer look, this could be a small downside. However, most players will probably see the colorful and lively design as a good thing.

Easter Frog’s visuals are made to be fun and festive. The detailed graphics, lively animations, and interesting symbols make it a nice experience for fans of online casino games, especially progressive slots. The design elements work together to make the game enjoyable and keep players entertained.


Easter Frog by Amusnet is a fun online casino game for people who like progressive slots. It has 20 paylines, making it easy to see when you win. However, it doesn’t have an autoplay feature, which might be a downside for those who want uninterrupted play.

Easter Frog has some important gameplay features:

  • Toppling Reels: Symbols collapse and are replaced by new ones, offering multiple chances to win in a single spin.
  • Increasing Multiplier: Each successive win increases the multiplier, amplifying your winnings.
  • Expanding Wild: The wild symbol can expand to cover more reels, creating additional winning opportunities.

These features improve the game and make each spin thrilling. The Expanding Wild symbol can give big rewards, especially when it also multiplies your winnings.

There is no Bonus Game or Free Spins feature, but the main gameplay is still engaging. The game includes Wild and Scatter symbols, which make each playthrough more interesting. Even without some features, the game stays fun and enjoyable.

Easter Frog offers an exciting experience for fans of progressive slot games. There are many ways to win, and the game has several unique features. Although the game doesn’t have an autoplay option, its progressive nature makes up for this.


Easter Frog by Amusnet has several features that make the online casino game more fun. Although it doesn’t have a traditional Bonus Game or Free Spins, players can still enjoy various features that make each spin exciting. Here are the main bonus features in Easter Frog:

  • Wild Symbol: This substitutes for other symbols, helping to create winning combinations more easily.
  • Scatter Symbol: Unlocks special payouts and can appear anywhere on the reels.
  • Multiplier: As you score consecutive wins, an increasing multiplier boosts your winnings.
  • Toppling Reels: Symbols in winning combinations disappear, allowing new ones to fall into place for more potential wins.
  • Expanding Wild: This special feature can cover entire reels, leading to better chances of winning.

The bonuses in the game make it more fun even though there is no bonus game or free spins. The Toppling Reels feature lets you win more without extra spins. The Expanding Wild can boost your winnings by covering more areas on the reels.

In Easter Frog, each win boosts the multiplier, letting you earn more with each consecutive win. While there are no free spins, other features like Wild and Scatter Symbols make up for this.

Easter Frog’s bonus features make progressive slot games more thrilling, as they offer more opportunities to win large prizes with each spin.

Overall Experience

Playing Easter Frog (Amusnet) is fun and exciting. It is a progressive slot game, which means you can win big prizes. The game uses festive symbols and has exciting features that make it entertaining. Here are the important points:

  • Progressive Jackpot – A chance to win substantial rewards.
  • Toppling Reels – Adds dynamics to each spin.
  • Expanding Wilds – Enhances winning opportunities.
  • Increasing Multiplier – Boosts payouts further.

The game’s look and feel are fun and enjoyable for slot fans. The Easter theme is done well with bright pictures and happy music, making the game more pleasant. Players will like the careful design of the game’s visuals.

There are a few downsides. Without an autoplay option, some players might find it less convenient since they can’t automate their spins. Also, the game doesn’t have a bonus game, which could have made it more exciting. However, features like Toppling Reels and Expanding Wilds make up for these missing elements.

Easter Frog by Amusnet is a fun and good online casino slot game. It has nice graphics and interesting features that make it enjoyable, especially during the festive season. There are chances to win big rewards, and the game’s exciting atmosphere makes it worth playing.

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