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Introduction to EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix is a successful company that makes software for online game websites. They are experts in building flexible software that online casinos, sports betting sites, and lottery services can use. Their main products are CasinoEngine, which gathers different casino games in one place, OddsMatrix, which is a system for sports betting, and GamMatrix, which helps manage the gaming operations.

  • CasinoEngine - Offers the largest content library in the industry with access to over 8,000 games from more than 140 providers.
  • OddsMatrix - Provides a fully managed sportsbook solution featuring extensive coverage of sports events with real-time data.
  • GamMatrix - Acts as the backbone, integrating various software and handling operations like player management, payment processing, and responsible gaming.

EveryMatrix online casinos have a wide range of games including slots, table games, and live dealer games, all on one platform. They offer different kinds of games to please various players. The platform is also adjustable, so it can be changed to fit what different clients need, making it better for the players and helping keep them playing.

EveryMatrix prioritizes keeping players safe and preventing fraud through their software which includes strong risk management and anti-fraud measures. Their platform can be adjusted to meet different international legal standards, ensuring that the gambling they offer is both legal and safe. By regularly updating and using the newest technologies, EveryMatrix remains a leader in the online gambling market, drawing more players.

Software Solutions by EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix provides a range of software for online casinos that helps them manage all aspects of their business. These products cover different needs: CasinoEngine for accessing lots of different casino games; GamMatrix for handling the business operations and payments; and OddsMatrix for running a service for betting on sports. All of these products can work on their own or together, offering a customizable set of tools that online casino companies can tailor to their specific needs.

The CasinoEngine is a top choice for its huge selection of games, offering more than 11,500 options from over 175 providers, along with 450+ jackpots. It’s easy for operators to add it to their sites and pick the games they want, all controlled from a single place. The platform also comes with various tools to give out bonuses, adjust game settings, and suggest games, which all help keep players interested and coming back.

GamMatrix is a tool created by EveryMatrix that handles gaming management and payment processing. It manages player accounts, checks their identities, promotes safe gaming, and looks out for fraud. The system can process payments easily, dealing with many currencies and payment methods, which makes handling player money easier. Also, the OddsMatrix sportsbook offers a wide range of betting options, with more than 25,000 live events every month, showing how EveryMatrix provides comprehensive online gaming services.

  • CasinoEngine: Access to the largest selection of games and jackpots
  • GamMatrix: Advanced player management and payment processing
  • OddsMatrix: Comprehensive sportsbook with a wide range of live events

EveryMatrix provides online casinos with a powerful set of tools that enable them to offer their players a strong and individually-tailored experience. By using EveryMatrix, casino operators can be confident that they are using reliable and tested technology that can grow as their online gaming business expands.

Customization and Flexibility

EveryMatrix online casinos are easy to customize and adapt because of the way their software is built. Their system is made up of separate parts that can be put together in different ways, which means casino operators can pick and choose the bits they need, like casino games, sports betting options, and ways to handle payments. This lets them create unique experiences for players.

  • Modular Design: EveryMatrix provides separate modules like CasinoEngine for casino games, OddsMatrix for sports betting, and MoneyMatrix for payment processing.
  • Integrated Payment Options: They offer a variety of payment solutions that are easily integrated, enabling operators to support multiple payment methods and currencies.
  • Tailored Player Experiences: EveryMatrix’s GamMatrix system allows for personalized player journeys and responsible gaming settings customized to individual player profiles.

Operators can customize their gaming sites by picking the features they need. This flexibility lets them cater to specific audiences and strategies. They can add a casino to a sportsbook easily, creating a more complete betting site. The modular setup also allows for quick adjustments to keep up with industry trends, without having to completely overhaul the system they already have.

EveryMatrix is good at handling payments too. Their MoneyMatrix system lets people use many payment options like credit cards, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. This variety means different types of customers can easily pay. Adding new payment ways is simple, making it easier for users to play. Plus, EveryMatrix software follows rules to make sure that all money transactions are safe and legal.

EveryMatrix platforms let casino operators give every player a unique experience. They can change the deals, suggest games, and offer help based on what each player likes and how they play. This approach makes customers happier and more likely to stick with the brand, giving companies an edge in the tough world of online casinos.

Security and Fair Play Assurance

EveryMatrix online casinos take safety and fair play very seriously to make sure their players can trust the games. They use strong security measures to keep all personal information and transactions safe. They also have important licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which means they have to follow strict rules about how secure and fair their games are.

  • Advanced encryption for data protection
  • Regulatory licenses from MGA and UKGC
  • Regularly audited Random Number Generator (RNG)

An essential component of EveryMatrix’s assurance process is the Random Number Generator (RNG). This software is crucial for guaranteeing fair play as it ensures the randomness of game outcomes, replicating the unpredictability of live casino games. The RNG is regularly audited by independent third-party organizations such as eCOGRA (www.ecogra.org), which specialize in the certification of online gaming software and systems. This certification is a benchmark for RNG integrity and fairness.

Transparency with players is also a cornerstone of the EveryMatrix ethos. Comprehensive game and financial histories are readily available to players. Additionally, they are partnered with organizations that promote responsible gaming like GamCare (www.gamcare.org.uk) and Gambling Therapy (www.gamblingtherapy.org), ensuring support is available for those in need. EveryMatrix casinos consistently aim to maintain a balance between player enjoyment and industry best practices. This commitment not only supports player trust but also enhances the overall reputation of the online gambling industry.

Partnerships and Market Reach

EveryMatrix has strengthened its place in the online casino world by teaming up with a lot of game makers, betting systems, and payment providers. These partnerships help them offer a full range of services, like CasinoEngine, a tool that pulls together a huge selection of games. The company has teamed up with big names like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO, which means they provide a wide variety of high-quality games to the businesses they work with.

The market reach of EveryMatrix extends across multiple jurisdictions, thanks to its commitment to regulatory compliance and adaptability to different market needs. The company has obtained several licenses, including those from the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, demonstrating its dedication to legal and ethical practices. Here is a list of notable areas where EveryMatrix has significant presence:

  • Europe, with a strong profile in the UK, Malta, and Romania.
  • Asia, adapting to local market trends and preferences.
  • North America, through tailored solutions for this rapidly evolving market.

Flexibility and localization are key factors in their widespread accessibility, allowing operator partners to offer customized experiences to their players.

EveryMatrix’s software can grow with the business it supports, helping both new and existing online casinos reach more customers. The system works well for different sizes of companies and focuses on making things easy for users while being efficient for the operators. They keep looking to the future and bringing in new technology to make sure their partners and those partners’ customers have the best tools at their disposal. This includes using improved APIs and ways for players to manage their money, which helps EveryMatrix stand out as a top choice for online casinos looking to grow online.

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