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logo BC.Game Casino Bonus: Up to 220% on Your 3rd Deposit

BC.Game Casino Bonus: Up to 220% on Your 3rd Deposit (2024)



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Key information

  • Bonus up to 220%, 3rd Deposit Bonus
  • Casino BC.Game Casino
  • License Curacao
  • Type Match Deposit Bonus
  • Value 220%
  • Wagering requirements 35xb
  • Maximum bonus amount 220%
  • Details "BC.Game Casino Bonus: up to 220%, 3rd Deposit Bonus Enjoy a match deposit bonus at BC.Game Casino with your third deposit. Here are the details: Type: Match Deposit Bonus Minimum Deposit: $120 Wagering requirements: 35xb Maximum Bonus Amount: 220% Cashable: Yes Bonus Details: Deposit between $120 - $300 to receive a 100% bonus, e.g., deposit $120 and receive $120 as a bonus. Deposit between $300 - $1500 to receive a 150% bonus, e.g., deposit $300 and receive $450 as a bonus. Deposit $1500 and above to receive a 220% bonus, e.g., deposit $1500 and receive $3300 as a bonus. The deposit bonus will be in BCD, BC.Game Casino's in-house cryptocurrency, equivalent to 1 USDT. Unlocking BCD Rewards: BCD can be unlocked by wagering on any games available on the platform. The unlocking formula is: Wager amount x 1% x 25% = Unlock amount For instance, wagering $400 will unlock 400 x 1% x 25% = 1 BCD. Key Advantages: No restrictions on withdrawals, allowing you to withdraw your initial deposit at any time. No time limits to wager and unlock your BCD. Access to 6000+ games for wagering. Ability to enjoy more features and rewards such as rakeback, recharge, and tasks while unlocking your BCD."

First Impressions

I recently found out about the 3rd deposit bonus at BC.Game Casino and thought you might like to know about it. If you enjoy playing at online casinos, this could be interesting for you. The bonus has a unique setup and offers good benefits. I’ll describe how it works and why it might be a good option for you.

BC.Game Casino Bonus Details

BC.Game has a special bonus for your 3rd deposit that is designed to attract online casino fans. The bonus details are as follows:

  • If you deposit between $120 - $300, you get a 100% bonus.
  • If you deposit between $300 - $1500, you get a 150% bonus.
  • If you deposit $1500 or more, you get a 220% bonus.

You receive a bonus in BCD, the casino’s cryptocurrency that equals 1 USDT. After you deposit, the bonus is automatically added as locked BCD. You can unlock it by betting on any games available on the platform.

One benefit of this system is the large bonus you can get, especially with bigger deposits. For example, if you deposit $1500, you can receive a bonus of $3300. Here are some key points to remember:

  • No restrictions on withdrawals: Your initial deposit is never locked. You can withdraw it anytime.
  • No time limits for wagering: Unlock your BCD at your own pace. There’s no rush, and the details are always available on your BCD dashboard.
  • 6000+ games to wager on: Offers a wide variety of games, from in-house games to slots, giving you ample opportunities to unlock your BCD.

One major downside is the high 35x wagering requirement. Also, the process of unlocking the bonus might be hard for beginners to understand.

The BC.Game 3rd deposit bonus offers appealing and flexible bonus options with special benefits, making it a strong choice among online casino bonuses. However, the high wagering requirement might be a concern. Users who want a flexible bonus without withdrawal limits may find this bonus very attractive.

Unlocking BCD Simplified

Unlocking BCD rewards at BC.Game Casino may seem tricky at first, but it has features that make it easier to use than other online casino bonuses. Here’s a quick and simple guide to help you get the most from your 3rd deposit bonus:

  • Automatic Bonus Allocation: Upon making a valid deposit, the bonus in BCD will be automatically credited to your account.
  • Easy Withdrawals: Unlike other platforms, BC.Game Casino allows you to withdraw your initial deposit anytime without restrictions.
  • No Time Limits: There’s no deadline to unlock your BCD, providing flexibility in managing your gaming activities.
  • Multiple Games to Choose From: You have over 6000 games to wager on, ranging from in-house games to slots.

To unlock BCD, you need to wager 35 times the bonus amount. You can calculate the unlocked BCD with this formula: Wager amount x 1% x 25% = Unlock amount. While wagering 400% might seem challenging, there are no withdrawal restrictions, and you have unlimited time to meet the requirement.

If you bet $400, you get 1 BCD. This lets you play at your own speed without pressure. BCD, the cryptocurrency used by BC.Game, is equal to 1 USDT, so it’s easy to understand its worth.

The 400% wagering requirement might seem high to some users. But the fact that there are no time limits and you can use your initial deposit anytime makes this less of a problem.

BC.Game’s 3rd deposit bonus is a great option for regular online casino players because there are no restrictions on withdrawing and no time limits. The variety of games ensures there is always something new to play while you earn BCD rewards.

BC.Game Casino offers automated bonus allocation, easy withdrawal options, and a wide variety of games, making for a fun and satisfying bonus experience.

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