European Lotteries Launch New Sustainable Gaming Manifesto

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European Lotteries Launch New Sustainable Gaming Manifesto

European lotteries have introduced a new plan focused on sustainable gaming practices.

The European Lotteries (EL), the main group for Europe’s lottery and gambling industry, has released a new set of guidelines. These guidelines support a sustainable gaming approach and emphasize how lotteries have always helped the public.

Key Points of the Manifesto

The manifesto lists several key points:

  • Emphasizing the history of lotteries as part of European society since 1441.
  • Highlighting that in 2022, EL members generated over €22 billion for societal causes.
  • Stressing the need for tight government control due to gambling risks.
  • Supporting national regulations to address consumer protection, anti-money laundering, and responsible gaming.
  • Encouraging responsible advertising and combating illegal operators.
  • Preserving the integrity of sports by opposing competition manipulation.

Lotteries and Society

Lotteries in Europe have existed since 1441. The first lottery in Bruges, Belgium, raised money for public projects. This practice still continues. In 2022, members of the European Lottery group raised over €22 billion for social causes. The EL believes that the special role of lotteries in helping society should be maintained.

Tight Regulation is Key

The manifesto notes that gambling has risks not found in other industries, so it suggests stricter government oversight. Each country regulates its own lotteries, setting their own rules. National licenses cover anti-money laundering and responsible gaming rules, which help protect consumers and ensure fair play.

Adapting to Change

The manifesto lists goals aimed at increasing the positive effects of lotteries on society. These are the main focus areas:

  • Collaboration with EU institutions to uphold traditions and principles.
  • Fair access to investors and insurers.
  • Combating illegal operators and misuse of AI technology.
  • Promoting responsible advertising.
  • Ensuring sports integrity through support of international conventions.

Commitment to Responsibility

EL supports a fair way of regulating gaming. They want a system that benefits the public, ensures responsible gaming, and has strong regulations. Their core values are being forward-thinking, responsible, and honest. The goal is to keep the industry successful while upholding high standards.

The new manifesto by EL emphasizes the need for sustainable and responsible gaming in Europe. It aims to help society and adapt to new challenges so that lotteries can keep benefiting European communities.

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