Alberta Pushing for Broader iGaming Market

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Alberta Pushing for Broader iGaming Market

# Alberta Pushing for Broader iGaming Market

## Alberta Aims for iGaming Expansion

Alberta is trying to make it easier for companies to offer online gambling. The province wants to remove any complicated rules that might be in the way.

## Current iGaming Landscape

Play Alberta is the only legal online casino in Alberta. It’s operated by the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC). Other online casinos might say they are legal, but Play Alberta says they are not.

## Government Plans

Dalley Nally, the Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, believes Alberta can become a hub for online gaming like Ontario. He mentions that Alberta has low business taxes, simple regulations, and people with high disposable incomes. Nally says these factors make Alberta an ideal place for the online gaming industry.

## Key Goals

The regional government has several main goals for this plan:

  • Create a regulatory framework for gambling
  • Develop a comprehensive online gambling strategy
  • Implement responsible gambling safeguards
  • Address Indigenous revenue concerns

## Ongoing Discussions

The government is in talks during June and July to create rules for online gambling. A spokesperson said expanding online gaming is important for Alberta and its people. “As we create new policies and move towards a regulated online gaming market, we will look at the best practices from other places, like Ontario,” the spokesperson added.

## Potential Market Impact

Expanding iGaming in Alberta will increase the regulated market. Right now, Play Alberta covers about 45% of the market, while the rest is taken by offshore websites. These sites don’t pay local taxes and can provide better games, jackpots, and promotions.

## Legal Challenges

Play Alberta faced legal questions when it started. In 2023, the courts decided it was legal. Ontario had the same issue with online gambling, but it was also resolved.

## Regulator’s Perspective

AGLC wants to grow the legal market. Dan Keene, AGLC VP of Gaming, said that until this happens, the rest of the market is illegal and taking that share.

## Conclusion

Alberta wants to grow its online gaming market. The government is creating rules and protections to do this. The aim is to help both the province and its people.

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