Millar and Drew Named in A-League Betting Scandal Involving Teammates

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Millar and Drew Named in A-League Betting Scandal Involving Teammates

Millar and Drew were named in a betting scandal involving their A-League teammates.

Two More Players Involved

Matthew Millar and Jed Drew are being investigated for fixing bets. This issue also involves their teammates at Macarthur FC. Court documents on May 30 at Campbell Town Court describe what they supposedly did.

The Alleged Yellow Cards Scheme

Millar and Drew are accused of being part of a scheme to receive yellow cards for money. This allegation includes:

  • Club captain Ulises Davila
  • Teammates Clayton Lewis
  • Teammates Kearyn Baccus

The investigation showed that Davila got orders from someone in South America to arrange yellow cards. He is accused of paying Lewis and Baccus 10,000 Australian dollars ($6,623) each for yellow cards in games on November 24, 2023, and December 9, 2023.

Failed Attempts

The plan didn’t always succeed. There were two mistakes on April 20 and May 4, 2024. Despite these errors, the players kept trying to mess with the yellow cards.

Baccus First to Appear in Court

Kearyn Baccus was the first player to go to court in Sydney. Millar and Drew have not been charged yet. The police said they are still looking for another Macarthur player who was not in New South Wales during the arrests in mid-May.

Davila and Lewis Suspended

Davila and Lewis will go to court in June. Football Australia gave suspension notices to the three players involved, which means they cannot play until the court cases are done.

Football Australia has made a statement about an important matter.

Football Australia explained that Jed Drew is not a suspect, even though his name came up in court. They also said they are looking into Drew and Millar to see if they were involved in any way.

No Comments in Court

Baccus did not speak during his court hearing. His lawyer asked the court to take into account the nature of A-League games and described Baccus as a very competitive and aggressive player.

Next Steps

Baccus’ court date is moved to June 24. He will go to Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney. Macarthur FC said they are helping the authorities with the investigation.

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