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Moya Backs Casino, Ramos Undecided in Queens Development Plans

Moya Backs Casino, Ramos Undecided in Queens Development Plans

Moya backs the idea of building a casino in Queens.

Francisco Moya, a local council member in Queens, has approved a big development for Willets Point. Mets owner Steve Cohen and Hard Rock International want to build a new casino and hotel there. Moya thinks this project will benefit both the local area and the whole city.

The space being considered for new construction was once additional parking for Citi Field. Moya believes that adding a casino would be more than a place to gamble; it would also help to begin other development projects in the area.

Ramos Holds Back Support

Moya agrees with the plan, but State Senator Jessica Ramos, who represents the area around Citi Field, has not given her support because she’s worried about changing the parkland to be used for something else.

The senator needs to agree because if she doesn’t, the casino might not be able to be built. There have been hold-ups already, causing problems with giving out permission to run casinos. The project will have big problems without her support.

Plans for the Queen’s property development.

The plan includes various beneficial aspects for Queens.

  • An $8 billion entertainment complex
  • A casino hotel partnership between Cohen and Hard Rock International
  • Potential for a new stadium for NYCFC, a Major League Soccer team
  • Prospects of increased fan attendance for Mets games and events at the USTA Tennis Center

Councilman Moya points out that if the project doesn’t happen, the area around Citi Field will stay underused.

How the Community Reacted and the Tactics of Politicians.

Ramos is unhappy with how the casino project is being handled, saying there’s not enough honest conversation with the community. It’s clear that Ramos and the other politicians aren’t getting along. He suggests that Moya and Cohen are intentionally timing their actions to create pressure.

Talking with the community is very important for progress. Ramos has held public meetings and says we need to have actual conversations with the community.

Broader Implications for Queens

The conversation about the casino isn’t just focused on gambling. It’s about turning an unused piece of land into a bustling place for business. The plan is to build not just a casino, but also to create a nearby area where there will be entertainment and sports events.

New York authorities haven’t released a report about a new casino hotel in Queens yet. But it’s likely that the company Genting will try to get one of the three available casino licenses in the area and they have plans to spend $5 billion to make their site bigger.

If you want to learn more about why it’s good to get people involved when building things in cities, and how to do these big projects, it’s best to look at books or websites from schools or the government. Here’s a good source for information about city building:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


Councilman Moya has approved a new casino in Queens, but Senator Jessica Ramos hasn’t decided yet. The community’s opinions and decisions about what the land will be used for are important. Leaders are discussing what to do next, which will affect Queens’s future.

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