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NXT Battleground Eyes Las Vegas Move Amidst WWE-UFC Synergy

NXT Battleground Eyes Las Vegas Move Amidst WWE-UFC Synergy

NXT Battleground is considering relocating to Las Vegas as a result of collaboration between WWE and UFC.

WWE is planning to have their NXT Battleground event at the UFC’s APEX facility in Las Vegas. It’s scheduled for Sunday, June 9. This decision seems to be aimed at attracting UFC fans, as both events will be in the same venue.

Reasons for the Venue Shift

  • The original event date conflicts with AEW's event in Las Vegas.
  • Slow ticket sales reported for the original location in Savannah, Georgia.
  • UFC APEX offers a unique setting with a potential for a fuller house.

NXT wrestling shows are usually for a specific group of fans. The Enmarket Arena in Savannah can hold 10,000 people but they only sold 2,000 tickets for a recent event. The UFC APEX, which can fit around 1,000 people, could make an event look more popular because it’s smaller.

Wrestling and MMA Crossover

WWE and UFC are now both part of the TKO Group but they are still run independently. They are looking into ways they can work together. For example, WWE might start holding their events at UFC’s places, showing they could work even more closely in the future.

Former UFC Fighters in WWE

Ex-UFC fighters like Matt Riddle and Ronda Rousey are popular in WWE now. This shows that WWE and UFC could work together more.

Issues with coordination and the desires of supporters.

If NXT Battleground is held in Las Vegas and more people want tickets, WWE might have to deal with planning problems. They might need a bigger place. They’ll have to find good ways to keep the fans happy.

What Fans Need to Know

Fans await an official WWE statement on the move. Keep an eye on reliable sources like PWInsider for updates. The shift to Las Vegas could significantly impact the future of WWE and UFC events.

NXT Battleground is going to Las Vegas, which could be an important event for wrestling and sports shows.

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