Ontario's Regulated iGaming Second Year Hits $63bn in Wagers

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Ontario's Regulated iGaming Second Year Hits $63bn in Wagers

In its second year, Ontario’s government-controlled online gaming saw players bet a total of $63 billion.

Ontario’s online betting market is now in its second year and has taken in $63 billion in bets. This information is from iGaming Ontario, the group that runs the market. The market has grown a lot since it started on April 4, 2022.

Key Statistics

  • Period Covered: April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024
  • Operators Licensed: 47
  • Gaming Sites: 77
  • Highest Quarterly Wagering: $17.8 billion in Q4
  • Total Gaming Revenue: $2.4 billion
  • Active Player Accounts in Q4: 1.3 million

Quarterly Breakdown

The quarterly report shows that the amount of money bet started at $14 billion in the first quarter and rose to $17.8 billion by the fourth. This shows that more people are interested in betting each quarter.

Revenue by Gaming Category

Casino games are the most popular, with bets totaling $51.7 billion. Next is sports betting, which sees $9.7 billion in bets. Poker played among people adds a substantial $1.6 billion to the annual total.

In the last quarter, people bet a total of $14.6 billion on casino games, showing just how much they like these games. These games brought in $1.8 billion of the $2.4 billion that was made from all types of gaming for the year.

Player Engagement

In the last three months, 1.3 million players regularly used their accounts, each spending an average of $263 a month, indicating a strong market activity.

Official Comments

Martha Otton, head of iGaming Ontario, is happy to see that Ontario’s online gaming market is bigger now than it was last year, by 70%. She believes that as more companies keep investing in this area, things will only get better for the province’s gaming industry.

Looking Ahead

Ontario’s iGaming market is going into its third year, and people are expecting it to keep growing because it’s done well in the past two years. Looking ahead, things seem good as the market becomes more established and attracts more players.

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